• Popular CHICK - Episode 1

    CHICK - Episode 1

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    Lisa (Kai Soremekun) is disillusioned with her life. She believes her life will turn around if she can realize her dream of becoming a kick-ass superhero. But when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her with some second rate superhero, she is pushed to

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 2

    CHICK - Episode 2

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    Lisa (Kai Soremekun) has chosen death over dishonor, but then fate steps in

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 3

    CHICK - Episode 3

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    Still alive, Lisa (Kai Soremekun) must confront her cheating boyfriend Hunter (Ron Wells) and decide what to do next

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 4

    CHICK - Episode 4

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    After getting caught cheating, Hunter (Ron Wells) does whatever is necessary to keep Lisa (Kai Soremekun) from leaving him

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 5

    CHICK - Episode 5

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    Should Lisa (Kai Soremekun) stay with her remorseful boyfriend Hunter (Ron Wells) and give up her dream of becoming a superhero

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 6

    CHICK - Episode 6

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    Lisa's (Kai Soremekun) quest to find the secret academy and realize her dream of becoming a superhero begins

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 7

    CHICK - Episode 7

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    It's been a week since Lisa (Kai Soremekun) set out in search of the secret academy. How did she end up homeless? Has she gotten any closer to finding the secret academy? What's next in her quest to become a superhero

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 8

    CHICK - Episode 8

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    Lisa heads down to Hollywood Boulevard to talk with some superheroes in hopes of getting a clue about the location of the Secret Academy

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 9

    CHICK - Episode 9

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    Lisa asks for help after the voice of doom pays her a visit

  • Popular CHICK - Episode 10

    CHICK - Episode 10

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    Keep searching for the Secret Academy or go back to Hunter? Lisa makes a decision